that time we got engaged...

september 19, 2014 was just another day. i was under the impression that my man, parents, brother, and psuedo-siblings were heading to the lake to celebrate my dad's birthday. that wasn't weird. like me, the lake is one of his favorite places in the world. it made total sense that we would celebrate his birthday there. my logistical brain was on full alert as i tried to plan everyone else's schedule in a way that made sense. that meant my man and me riding up with my parents on friday night and knowing that the others would join us in the morning. when talking to my mom though, she informed me that dad had a late meeting with his board chair and that they'd come up after that. i questioned the plan for the dogs and was told our longtime house-sitter would be staying with them. i told her to bring izzy because she'd be stressed at their house with remy and shelby. she agreed. mom went ahead and brought the groceries for the weekend to my house so that we could get them up there and get settled. being the planner that i am, i'd also gotten stuff for us for dinner on friday night.

on the drive up, everything seemed normal. i called mom and checked in on their plans, we stopped by food lion to pick up ice and beer for the weekend. we got to the house around 6. i immediately started doing what i always do, unpacking groceries, putting stuff out, and starting dinner. my man was pacing. and kept asking me to go outside on the porch with him. i kept pushing him off saying i had stuff that i needed to do and i'd be out there when i was done. i finally just started giving him jobs because he was hovering. :) after i finished getting the groceries put away, he again asked me to come outside because it was "so nice out." i looked at the oven and saw that our dinner only had 3 minutes left to cook and said no because i'd forget and burn dinner and that i'd go outside and sit after we ate. dinner was ready and salads plated and i made him sit down and eat with me. then i had to clean up from dinner (probably took all of five minutes) and he kept asking me to come outside. i said no, that i wasn't going to leave the kitchen a mess when my parents were coming up in a couple of hours and to let me finish.

when i finished the kitchen, i finally complied and walked outside and sat down in one of the rocking chairs overlooking the lake from our porch. apparently i sat down too quickly, though. he sat down beside me in another chair and i mentioned needing to call mom to ask her to bring up some citronella candles. he spotted one on the screened in porch and said he'd get that one and got up to do so. he came back after finding the lighter and set the lit candle down. but he didn't sit down. he was kinda pacing behind me and after a minute or two asked me to stand up. i did and walked back behind the chairs where he was standing and he hugged me and took my face in his hands and asked if i trusted him. i said 'yes, of course' and he said 'ok, then close your eyes.' i did and he asked if they were really closed (he knows me well and my need to know everything) and i responded a bit child-like by saying yes and squeezing my eyes tightly together. i thought i heard something, but wasn't sure and he told me to open my eyes. i did and there he was on his knee with a lovely ring. he asked me to marry him and i said are you serious?!?! and then yes!! this was followed by hugs and kisses and happy tears and phone calls with shaking hands to family and friends.

it was perfect. he proposed to me at my most favorite place in the world and he surprised me. (his goal). in 368 days, i will be his wife! so blessed!

we've chosen Romans 8:28 as our life verse for our marriage and family to be. please join us in praying over this verse for our marriage.

"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose."