wow. it's been a CRAZY month. i'm the board chair of a local charity and we had our main 3 events in april, so things were crazy; not to mention easter, another event, and life in general. but i started may with a renewed since of piece and am thinking a bit like lara casey - that may is the new january. so even tho it's nearly 1/2 over, i figured better late than the changes!

i sold my house! what?!?! yep. i listed it on a bit of a whim and sold it the second day for more than my asking price. i also have a back up offer of the same price! what's next? no idea. but this is something i've been thinking about for a while. i'm looking in downtown franklin, but am in no rush to find a house. i really feel like God is preparing me for something and selling the house took one obstacle/excuse away. so i close in about 6 weeks. crazy. if i haven't found the house by then, then i'll move home. that oughta be interesting.

i have decided to be more intentional about my goals, plans, etc. so for accountability's sake here are my may goals :

  • complete the advocare 24 day challenge (i started today, more on that later)
  • blog at least 1/week
  • media free night 1/week
  • send at least 1 handwritten note/week to someone
  • be more intentional about my prayer life
  • start power sheets for june (by may 30)
to expand on those - i'll start with advocare - i have seen and known a bunch of people who have used these products and i have been very skeptical despite there awesome results and ravings about them. i have to be very careful about "diets" since i'm in recovery. a diet can very easily lead to eating disorder behaviors, obsessions, etc. and that is not what i want. however, i do want to be good to my body. i want to treat it like the gift it is and not like it's something i'm entitled to or even stuck with. so enter advocare. i've been following a april's blog for years and also follow her on instagram. while i don't actually know her, the heart that she shows the world is one of love for Christ, love for her family, and not hiding the day to day life struggles. i was intrigued by her thoughts on advocare and lifestyle changes and decided to ask her about it. after talking to her i ordered the challenge and looked into it a little more and was happy to see that this isn't a crash diet. it's not even a diet. it's eating for your body. it's following the "structured flexibility" that my nutritionist always talks about. i have learned in all of this recovery stuff that i need structure. i do best with lists and check marks and short-term goals. long term absolutes do not work because i pretty much feel like i've failed before i even start. so long story short - 24 days of eating balanced meals and taking supplements to help me get back in the habit of caring for my body seems doable. i'm not weighing myself, taking before and after pictures or anything like that. this is about my health, not what my body looks like. 

blogging once a week - originally my new years goal was  to blog 3x/week. clearly, that hasn't happened. once a week seems reasonable and it is the minimum amount of time that i need to be taking to slow down and breathe and think and feel and love myself. along the same lines is the media free night once a week. the retreat i went on back in november was completely media free. when we arrived on wednesday afternoon they took our phones and we got them back at 6pm on saturday. i'll admit, this was the scariest, most uncertain part for me. and it turned out to be the best thing ever. sitting in silence is so important in order to hear God and feel His presence. way too often (like all the time), i make Him compete with TV, candy crush, facebook, twitter, email, texts, etc. so the media free night is my commitment to at least one day/night per week of turning off the phone, tv, internet. maybe it'll be the night i blog, maybe not, but i know i need the silence. more than that, i want the silence. 

sending mail. that one's kind of self explanatory. i just really love the idea of staying connected to those that i love through good ole snail mail. it always makes my heart smile to get a random card in the mail and i hope others can feel my love and gratefulness for them when they open their mailboxes. 

prayer life - this is something i've always struggled with. i don't think i really learned until law school that it was ok to pray for myself and i'm still learning how to do that. i randomly pray throughout the day when things hit me or something comes up, but i want to be more intentional about that time. again, being silent and intentional with the Father is something that i am learning is so vital. 

power sheets - these are monthly goal sheets that i invested in in january. i've yet to do them. but i figure june is kinda my january since it's my birthday month. it's the reset month. the fresh start. the chance to make 32 the best year yet. 

love y'all for walking this road with me.