June Goals, May Recap

It's June. When did that happen? June...the first month of summer, Adam's first Father's Day (with a baby he can hold), and I turn 35. Big month.

Here is the recap from May:

  1. Fill out House Prayers sheet and pray them over our home. I didn't do this. I wanted to do them with Adam and put it on the calendar, but then never talked to him about it and just waited for him to "care enough" to ask. You can guess how well that turned out. I am constantly reminding myself and relearning that my husband is not a mind reader and it is so unfair that I expect him to be. I have decided to pass this goal until July when hopefully his work schedule will be more normal with Gregory back and we can really spend some time talking through this. I also think I need the month to pray about the confidence to have that conversation. Praying together is still a growing process for us.
  2. Create a May Budget -Done! I mostly stuck to the perimeters I set and it was helpful to really watch where my money went and to be more intentional on how I spent it. I am happy to say I saved more than I ever had and was able to give like I felt God asked.
  3. Meal Plan and Prep - This went well for the most part.
  4. Activity -eh, didn't do so great at this, but we did go on walks most afternoons when I got home from work.
  5. Print out picture’s for Charlotte’s Baby Book - mostly done. I got the ones printed off my phone and just have a few more to add.
  6. Pray Intentionally - the calendar reminder is key and helpful. this is an ongoing goal.
  7. Speak to Adam’s love language - I need to ask Adam, but I think this went pretty well. I was able to surprise him with a fun date night too!
  8. Focus on joy in our living situation - Gratitude changes everything and I am continuing to focus on the joy in our current season.

Good Words for June: “The LORD will hold me in His hand for all to see – a splendid crown in the hand of God.” ~ Isaiah 62:3

June Goals:

  1. June Budget - I've already made my June Budget with Everydollar.com, so now it's just keeping up with the expenses and staying on track. I am going to the beach with my girlfriends this weekend, so i am interested to see how well i budgeted for that.
  2. Meal Plan and Prep - same as the months before, continue to make lists that don't waste food or money and make our lunches at least 3x/week
  3. Plan and execute an intentional Father’s Day for all the daddies - this is Adam's first Father's Day and I want to make it special
  4. Print out Family Pictures and Frame - some of these will be gifts for Father's Day and others just because
  5. Pray Intentionally - continue to use my prayer journal and Breathe app when I can and pray over Bible Study ladies on Sunday or Monday nights
  6. Honor my body (that was bought with a price) - make God honoring choices for my health so I can continue to bless others
  7. Gratitude List - starting a "Five on Friday" - my prayer journal has a section for gratitude and each Friday when my calendar alert goes off I am adding 5 things I'm grateful for to the list.
  8. Read Good Words at the Beach - I love reading on the beach and want to spend a good bit of that time reading good words - I'm not 100 percent sure which books I'm taking at this point.
  9. Prayfully and Wholeheartedly lead Bible Study - We start a new study on June 13 and I want to be a better and more intentional leader than I was for the last one. I know God has a lot to teach me in that role and I know I need His guidance so much more. A lot of the last study felt like I was just flying by the seat of my pants.

 I have a post in the works about Fiances, but the enemy is having a field-day with my confidence about posting. I hope to pray through that and finish it...maybe while I'm at the beach!

Here's to a grand first month of Summer and turning 35!