May Goals, April Recap

Yay! I actually got these done within the first 2 days of the month! I'm proud! Let's recap April (full disclosure, April goals did not get written or thought about until around April 18, but they got done. Progress, not perfection!)

Monthly April Goals

  1. plan and celebrate our 2nd anniversary - Yes! We had a old school (ie pre-baby) date night. We went and saw "The Fate of the Furious" and ate a Jonathan's (we had a giftcard from Christmas). It was a sweet afternoon. We actually saw Furious 6 when we dated the first time and I think is when we held hands for the first time, so it was an appropriate full circle moment.
  2. read good words - I did not do this consistently. I am slowly reading The Lifegiving Home by Sally and Sarah Clarkson. And I'd say I read First Five or a comparable devotion 3 times a week.
  3. meal plan and prep/pack lunches 3x/week - Nope. I think we did ok on the meal planning and on taking my lunches, but I bombed on making Adam's.
  4. honor my body (that is not my own and was bought with a price) - this is a big goal. i am not engaging in ED behaviors so that's a win. Body image stuff is still an issue at times and I would still love to know that I am making activity a priority so I feel strong again. This has been more on my heart lately so I am grateful for that!
  5. speak to Adam's love language (quality time) -  I'm trying. Gregory's accident has made this hard. Adam is working 12-14 hours a day and weekends, but I am trying to have all the evening chores done before he is home so that the little time we have while he's still awake we can spend together. This remains a May goal.
  6. print out pics for Charlotte's Baby Book- passed this one on to May
  7. choose doors and windows for the house - YES! DONE!
  8. pray intentionally with prayer journal and when prompted by Breathe app - I did this and am loving it. When I could, I pulled out my prayer journal and prayed specifically over those needs and desires.
  9. read, sing, and pray with Charlotte - we do this, but I want to incorporate more reading, but she is so busy and mobile, so I'm still working on that. We sing and pray a lot though!
  10. honor the Sabbath and rest and create a restful space for Adam - In this season, post-Gregory's accident, I'm not sure how practical this is. I did take an hour and a half off while Charlotte slept on Sunday and Adam was at work, but it's still hard to do. There is always something that can be done.
  11. do chores and tasks with a cheerful heart - always a goal - this will be expanded upon with more intention in May

So, now onto May...

Good Words for May: "Do you want to be truly rich? You already are if you are happy and good. After all, we didn't bring any money with us when we came into the world, and we can't carry a single penny when we die." ~I Timothy 6:6-7, NLB

  1. Fill out House Prayers sheet and pray them over our home. Val over at created a worksheet that walks through each room and exterior of your home and lists prompts for prayers. I'm excited to do this with our new house. One of my 2017 yearly goals is to cultivate a lifegiving home and I think that has to start with covering the physical home in prayer.
  2. Create a May Budget - In the past few weeks, the Lord has placed budgeting on my heart. This is huge and new for me and an answer to Adam's prayers, I'm sure. A big issue in our marriage, like many, has always been money. We were raised differently and view money differently and are both learning how to bend a little and create together our view of money. I have started a budget on EveryDollar and am loving it. It's so impactful to see the incredible way God has blessed me with my salary and rental income and then to be convicted to be a good and faithful steward of that money. In truth, it's all His anyway. This being on my heart is what led me to the "Good Words" I chose for May.
  3. Meal Plan and Prep - I've decided to take over grocery shopping - at least the weekly shopping, so that there is no excuse not to do this. It makes it so much easier on everyone to plan dinners for the week, buy the needed food, and prepare what we can in advance.
  4. Activity - my goal is to walk daily and incorporate Charlotte into my strength training. She loves going for walks, so doing that when I get home from work is a great thing we can do together. She also love being thrown into the air and to be on my shoulders, so I've started using her as my weights. I do lunges and squats with her on my shoulders and i bench press her and throw her in the air. She's basically my super-cute, squealing medicine ball.
  5. Print out picture’s for Charlotte’s Baby Book - I'm pretty sure I know which pictures I want to use, I just have to sit down and do it. I think using my rest time on the Sabbath might be a good time for this.
  6. Pray Intentionally - I've put into my calendar a reminder every Sunday night so that I will pray over my Bible study ladies and over my prayer journal.
  7. Speak to Adam’s love language - In order to love Adam well, he needs quality time. Quality time with me, with Charlotte, and alone. I am trying to honor this. My goal is to have the nightly chores done before he is home if at all possible and to give him at least 30 minutes a night without asking him to do something.
  8. Focus on joy in our living situation - I have a feeling this will be the hardest and best goal of all. In order to actually do this and be intentional about it, I have put a reminder in my calendar every Friday and plan on writing at least 5 good things about our current living situation each week. The sister to this goal is to be cheerful and joyful in doing household chores and I know that will only come with gratitude.

So there's May! Here's to a great month!