my verse or good words for the month is a quote by joyce meyer. as i was filling out my Powersheets, God put on my heart to look for a quote about grace. i googled "verses about grace" and came across many i was familiar with, but none seemed to fit the definition that was on my heart. so i googled "quotes about grace." i read through a lot - quotes from beth moore, charles spurgeon, and other Bible scholars. then i read one by joyce meyer and it was exactly what i was feeling and wanting to convey about the word. the quote is this, "we are saved by grace - God's undeserved favor - and we live by grace, which is also God's POWER in our lives to do what we could never do in our own strength." that last part, that's what i had been looking for. the saved by grace part, i understand. i know Jesus. i know that only by His sacrifice am i able to stand. i know that it is by grace through which i am saved. but what i couldn't verbalize is the active grace that God grants us through our salvation. His POWER to do what we could never do alone. it's the power we see in a mother who has lost her child. in a husband whose wife has walked away from their marriage. the ability of those people to stand up, to praise Him still, to know He brings beauty from ashes. that's the active grace He gives. 

by coincidence - actually, not, i don't believe in those - by God-wink, this quote and understanding would become very real to me and my family on Resurrection Sunday 2017. After a sweet morning at our new church with my parents and inlaws and lunch at my sis-in-love's parents' home, we headed back to our house/my parents to make dinner for hunter, anna, lisa, chris, chris's parents, and miller. just as we were about to sit down, adam flagged me down and asked me into the mud room. he told me his dad had just called and gregory had had an accident. he'd fallen off his porch. that's all we knew. adam was shaken and angry that he didn't know more, so i called rusty back and tried to get more info. we learned that gregory was awake, coherent and could move his fingers and toes - all MAJOR blessings. EMS was there and an ambulance was on the way. we decided to head out there not knowing what else to do. when we arrived, rusty had easton and ashley was in the ambulance with gregory. i took easton and tried to calm him down talking about the big truck and lights and assuing him "dada" was ok. sweet little man was so concerned. ashley came out and told us they were taking him to vandy because of the height of the fall. it was decided that rusty and adam would go to the hospital and karen would take easton home with her. it ended up that adam drove ashley's car to the hospital and i took easton and karen home. thankfully, we learned in the next several hours that gregory wouldn't have to have surgery and he would be able to come home with 2 broken ribs and 7 fractured cervical vertebra. it could have been so much worse.

but where does the quote come in? well, 2 ways. one, for the next 2 months adam and tim are on their own as far as SSL is concerned. they've got another guy who will help out here and there, but mostly it's just them. it's going to be hard. adam is having to turn over some of the business things to gregory and take on some of the day-to-day things gregory does. gregory is learning how to accept help and be grateful in the place he is. ashley and i are both adjusting to new normals with our husbands. her, with a sick husband who is frustrated and hurting and me with one who i see for about an hour a day. it's hard. so much grace - power - to do what we must but cannot do alone is needed. for all of us.

the second way is the sweetest of all. ashley is 17 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. up until last week, baby girl was nameless. after gregory's accident, ashley said it became all too clear what her name is - it's Grace. a name ashley has loved forever and had already suggested, but knew without a doubt, after the accident thatthis was baby girl's name. a name the reflects something that we are given freely and do not deserve. a reminder of the miracle of her daddy's accident.

grace rosemary delk will be here in late september. around her big cousin's first birthday.