the time at christmas 2016, part 2

christmas eve brought charlotte's 3 month birthday. it is also the day we celebrate christmas with the delks. we had decided to go to church at grace chapel at 4 and because it was later this year, we decided to eat our big meal for lunch. we planned on getting to the delks around 12 and eating at 1, resting a bit and heading to church around 315 to make sure we got a seat.

before we left, we took charlotte's 3 month pictures by the christmas tree. it's crazy that she is already three months! comparing her 2nd and 3rd month pics aren't too different (unlike her 1 to 2 month) but her legs are so much longer! she was a trooper even though she was tired. once we got her into her "best gift ever" outfit we headed to the delks. she fell asleep in the car and slept through lunch and almost all of church. 

once we arrived at the delks, we visited and waited on ashley, gregory and easton to arrive. they were about 30 minutes late because of easton’s nap. we sat down to lunch just before one and enjoyed karen’s wonderful meal of prime rib, mac and cheese, and grandma charlotte’s broccoli casserole. we had pumpkin tiramisu for dessert. after lunch we rested and watched the titans lose to jacksonville. we headed to church and found a row in the back with two seats behind that fit us and my parents perfectly. the service was nice and we saw a few people we knew and hadn’t seen in a while. 

after church we headed back to the delks to open presents. charlotte got several outfits from her nana and pops and they are starting her a college savings account! adam got an RTIC soft side camo cooler and money and i got a pedicure, money, a “D” candle holder and candle, and an essential oil and diffuser tiles. easton and his parents got her an outfit and 2 great toys. 

we also open our traditional christmas eve gifts at their house. this year i got us matching PJs and a trivial pursuit 2000s game. 

we left the delks earlier than planned because easton was ready for bed. 

we went back to my parents for bed. charlotte slept great and we were rested and up around 730. before hunter came over, charlotte got her first gift from my parents - a seat that has a frog on it that allows her to sit up and see what’s going on. once hunter got there and mom and dad finished their last minute santa-clausing, we went to open gifts. after we finished the gifts (and after an epic blowout that equaled a bath for both Charlotte and me), we ate breakfast. it was supposed to be a simple breakfast casserole that i'd already made and fruit - but something went wrong and it was quite soupy. so eggs, frozen biscuits, venison, apples and fruit it was. still perfect. once we finished eating, we cleaned up and straightened up and took turns getting ready and caring for charlotte. hunter and anna and dana and warren arrived and we sat down to dinner. mom and i had cooked everything other than the meat - which hunter did when we got to the house.  we had beef tenderloin, dressing, green beans, squash casserole, apples, mashed potatoes, and rolls. mom didn't have her glasses on when she put the rolls in and accidentally put the pigs in a blanket ones in! dessert was pecan pie.

charlotte got her first american girl doll - the doll of the year- lea, from santa as well as an outfit. she got money from her uncle hunter. nee-nee and granddaddy got her a bunch of toys, her first teapot (an elephant), her first music box, a wooden saying, the sloth that goes with her american girl doll, and a few outfits.

adam got cowboy boots, money, heated insoles, heated socks, knives, pj pants, hand warmers, a underarmor head cover for hunting, chocolate covered blueberries, subway gift card, a smokey mountain tee shirt, tackle box, and wooden sign. 

he and i didn’t really do gifts since we are building the house.  

i got money, a blessed mother trinket, socks, new balances, nutcracker, makeup, a coat, boots, grace upon grace tee shirt, smokey mountain tee shirt, tory burch flats and wedges, and leggings. adam surprised me and got me a gift card to woodhouse, which was so sweet, since like i said we weren’t doing gifts! 

the coolest thing - other than it being charlotte’s first one - was the money we received. adam and i decided to give a certain amount in year end giving. we did. christmas morning when we counted what we’d received we were shocked to see it was 10% more that what we’d given away. God is so good and we are so blessed. 

overall, it was a precious first christmas with our sweet girl.