the times i keep avoiding

i don't know why. it doesn't make sense. i love to write. i have time to write. but i don't. i wait. i write posts in my head. i hide others in my heart. but i can't seem to get them here. this pregnancy is something i want to document. i want this sweet baby (14 weeks, yesterday!) to be able to look back on this and know what i felt and how loved the child is at this early stage. oh well, i'm here. so let's do this.

to recap the last 6 weeks or so - we had our first official doctor's appointment on February 22. it wasn't quite what i expected, but maybe that was because we had gone in the wednesday before for an ultrasound because i had a teeny-tiny bit of spotting and panicked. that ultrasound was SO cool. it was just in the ultrasound room with the tech but they have a 32" TV on the wall so you can really see everything. we saw the precious little flutter of a heartbeat - 158 bpm - and the little gummy bear. she printed out a 6 pictures for us. it was pretty amazing. everything looked great so we didn't even have to see the doctor that day. i went back alone on the 22nd since Adam was working and saw the doc for the first time. my OB is the same doc i've seen since i was 16 for GYN stuff, so it's pretty cool to see that come full circle. anyway, we went over the basics and then she did an in room ultrasound. this machine wasn't nearly as clear as the one from the week before, but i could still see little gummy's heart fluttering away and was able to hear it via the internal ultrasound. we go today at 3 to hear the heartbeat externally and i hope another ultrasound.

march 6-11 we went with my family to key west for our first family vacation since the summer after i graduated high school (so 16 years!). we stayed at jimmy buffett's first home down there. it was a bit cheesey with all the buffett stuff, but still cool to say i slept in the same house that buffett has. the weather was gorgeous. a bit windy, so we were unable to do any excursions, but perfect for laying by the canal and reading. everyone enjoyed the food as well. (other than me since i don't like seafood). it was a nice trip.

once we got home and back in the swing of things, we hosted our families for Easter brunch. this turned out great as well! adam doesn't love when we host parties because it means a to-do list for him, but it all turned out great and we had a blast.

pregnancy symptom-wise, i have been so BLESSED. no nausea unless i go too long without eating. the worst complaint i have was sheer exhaustion for the first 10 weeks or so and indigestion. now into my second trimester, swelling of my feet is getting worse, but the indigestion has gotten better. overall, i've been so lucky! we cannot wait to learn the gender of this little one and start calling him or her by name! not too much longer for that!