the time at Christmas 2016, part 1

in 2014, my mom gave adam and me a "Christmas Memories" book. she said she always wished she'd recorded what everyone received each Christmas and what we did and where we went, etc. so she got us a book to do just that. when we packed up our house (me at 9 months pregnant), i was certain i knew where i packed the book. well, i was wrong. so i'm going to record it here so that i can transfer it later. 

charlotte's first Christmas was so wonderful.

we started our celebration of the season in kentucky with adam's grandparents/charlotte's great grandparents. every year, adam's mom's side of the family has a big family christmas the saturday before christmas at granny and pa's house. we decided to skip this year because we weren't comfortable taking charlotte in the middle of cold and flu season. however, we wanted charlotte to meet her great grandparents and so we planned a special day trip to go see them with nana, pops, gregory, ashley and easton. we headed out the door at 715. i was so impressed that we were early! granted, we started the getting ready process at 5am! our first stop was nana and pops's house to pick up a grandparent - we got pops. then we hit the road, with a slight detour to costco to get gas (daddy's favorite place). we drove about an hour and a half to bowling green (about 1/2 way to louisville) and stopped at cracker barrel for breakfast with gregory, ashley, easton, and nana. apparently, a lot of people had the same idea and we had to wait an hour - but that meant we scored a precious winter hat courtesy of nana and pops. after we ate, we jumped back on the road. charlotte did amazing and basically slept both stretches.  

once we arrived in mt. washington, we went to martha and kenneth alcorn's home. they were friends of nana and pops's from when they lived in louisville after they married. they also helped take care of gregory when he was a baby. we stayed there for about an hour. the kids were precious. charlotte laid on the floor and stretched and cooed to everyone and easton performed running around and trying to figure out why charlotte wouldn't get up and play with him.

after we left the alcorn's home, we headed to granny and pa's house. cousin megan was there and was a big help with easton. charlotte was sweet and slept on her granny and her cousin denise and her great aunt regina. we spent about 3 hours with them and it was a wonderful afternoon. i'm so glad charlotte was able to meet her great grandparents! we loaded the cars back up about 530 and decided to eat in town before we left. we went to a local pizza place called bearno's. it's a "famous" louisville spot and has a distinct type of pizza - thin crust with the toppings piled on - like an inch high. miss charlotte had quite the blowout in her aunt ashley's lap. thankfully, my mom had told me to take a ziplock baggie in the event of a blowout and it came in handy. a few dozen wipes later, she was cleaned up and changed and dinner had come. we ate and hit the road and got back home around 930. it was a great day! 

Our next Christmas celebration was to attend the Amy Grant/Vince Gill Christmas show. This is something my family has done nearly every year since they started it. When Adam and I got engaged we included his parents in the tradition. this year the delks invited 2 of their closest friends to join us. harvey and billie and morry and kathy. we rounded out the table with my parents and sarah and john walsh. gregory decided to go hunting and ashley was unable to come because her parents, who were going to keep easton, had pink eye. we ate dinner at maggiano's and then went to the factory. jean and kevan and avery kept charlotte and they all had a blast. 

the following saturday, we met ashley and easton at chick-fil-a for breakfast before going to third coast clay and the factory to make a gift for karen. ashley had the super creative idea to use the kids feet as snow men and to write "as long you love me so, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" on a platter. the kids actually did a great and adam was a huge help walking around with easton and charlotte when they needed a break. we also made an ornament of charlotte's footprint - it's unclear who maintains possession of that - us or nee-nee and granddaddy. after we got done with the platter, ashley took some sweet pics of the kids together. we did them in regular clothes so they'd be good to show off year round.

on december 16, i went back to work for a meeting. i wasn't technically back until the 23rd, but this meeting was a good chance to take charlotte to meet some of my hickman county friends and colleagues. charlotte did great on the drive down and slept through most of the meeting. once she woke up she took her bottle and sat quietly and just looked around. other than a little spit up, she was great. after the meeting we went to my office and she met the clerks and a few other people.

saturday, december 17, we celebrated the yates family thanksmas at carrie and jason's house in eagleville. all of eddie's family and ours were able to be there, although hunter left before dirty santa. aunt carol and carrie's girls were pretty smitten with charlotte right off. ryan and vann had been sick with colds so jenny had threatened them with their lives if they touched her. but ryan's first words to me were, "i came to see the baby." so cute. she was really precious the whole night. ryan that is - well, charlotte too, actually all of the kids did great. jason smoked a turkey and pork shoulder and we had the usual christmas/thanksgiving fixings. after supper, we played our annual dirty santa with carrie and jason winning the most original gift with a 8x10 canvas of seth holding their white kitties by his face. the best part being, seth picked the gift on his turn not knowing what was inside. 

the next night was the candlelight service at our church, ethos. we ate dinner at kona with hunter and then my parents joined us for church. 

the week before christmas was relatively calm. i had gotten all of my shopping done in advance (thanks to amazon and cyber monday) and since i was still off work charlotte and i were able to visit with some friends and not get too stressed. she joined me at my office christmas party, and official first day back at work, on the 23rd. she, once again, did great. she got a little fussy but once she wasn't being passed around she was all good and even fell asleep in my lap during dirty santa. 

charlotte turns 3 months, christmas eve, and christmas day to follow!