the time i said ok

i'm here. i'm writing. i'm excited. this is my space. my new space. to better share my new heart. this space is a chance for me to dig into who i am, who i want to be, and who the world thinks i am. i've blogged a few other times before, but not with any real purpose. this time feels different. it feels like i have a purpose. it feels like i can finally tell my story and maybe it helps someone else. i'm going to try to import my previous posts (but given my pitiful computer/web skills who knows how that will work) and start fresh at the same time.

so some background. why the name, it's just kate? well, it seemed to say a lot in a few short words and i love that. i like the simplicity of it. and well, it's my name, so there's that. my name is just kate. kate isn't short for kathryn or katelyn, or kathleen or anything else. i'm just kate. in the simplest terms, i am a child of the King of kings, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a prosecutor, a person. i've been shattered to a million pieces and put back together by the only true Artist there is and i am changed because of it. and i can't stay quiet anymore. i can't help but scream to everyone about how good and big God is. He is amazing. His love is incredible. I hope through saying "ok" to this urge, to this challenge that God's glory is seen.

Welcome to the best ride around, this life.