June Goals, May Recap

It's June. When did that happen? June...the first month of summer, Adam's first Father's Day (with a baby he can hold), and I turn 35. Big month.

Here is the recap from May:

  1. Fill out House Prayers sheet and pray them over our home. I didn't do this. I wanted to do them with Adam and put it on the calendar, but then never talked to him about it and just waited for him to "care enough" to ask. You can guess how well that turned out. I am constantly reminding myself and relearning that my husband is not a mind reader and it is so unfair that I expect him to be. I have decided to pass this goal until July when hopefully his work schedule will be more normal with Gregory back and we can really spend some time talking through this. I also think I need the month to pray about the confidence to have that conversation. Praying together is still a growing process for us.
  2. Create a May Budget -Done! I mostly stuck to the perimeters I set and it was helpful to really watch where my money went and to be more intentional on how I spent it. I am happy to say I saved more than I ever had and was able to give like I felt God asked.
  3. Meal Plan and Prep - This went well for the most part.
  4. Activity -eh, didn't do so great at this, but we did go on walks most afternoons when I got home from work.
  5. Print out picture’s for Charlotte’s Baby Book - mostly done. I got the ones printed off my phone and just have a few more to add.
  6. Pray Intentionally - the calendar reminder is key and helpful. this is an ongoing goal.
  7. Speak to Adam’s love language - I need to ask Adam, but I think this went pretty well. I was able to surprise him with a fun date night too!
  8. Focus on joy in our living situation - Gratitude changes everything and I am continuing to focus on the joy in our current season.

Good Words for June: “The LORD will hold me in His hand for all to see – a splendid crown in the hand of God.” ~ Isaiah 62:3

June Goals:

  1. June Budget - I've already made my June Budget with Everydollar.com, so now it's just keeping up with the expenses and staying on track. I am going to the beach with my girlfriends this weekend, so i am interested to see how well i budgeted for that.
  2. Meal Plan and Prep - same as the months before, continue to make lists that don't waste food or money and make our lunches at least 3x/week
  3. Plan and execute an intentional Father’s Day for all the daddies - this is Adam's first Father's Day and I want to make it special
  4. Print out Family Pictures and Frame - some of these will be gifts for Father's Day and others just because
  5. Pray Intentionally - continue to use my prayer journal and Breathe app when I can and pray over Bible Study ladies on Sunday or Monday nights
  6. Honor my body (that was bought with a price) - make God honoring choices for my health so I can continue to bless others
  7. Gratitude List - starting a "Five on Friday" - my prayer journal has a section for gratitude and each Friday when my calendar alert goes off I am adding 5 things I'm grateful for to the list.
  8. Read Good Words at the Beach - I love reading on the beach and want to spend a good bit of that time reading good words - I'm not 100 percent sure which books I'm taking at this point.
  9. Prayfully and Wholeheartedly lead Bible Study - We start a new study on June 13 and I want to be a better and more intentional leader than I was for the last one. I know God has a lot to teach me in that role and I know I need His guidance so much more. A lot of the last study felt like I was just flying by the seat of my pants.

 I have a post in the works about Fiances, but the enemy is having a field-day with my confidence about posting. I hope to pray through that and finish it...maybe while I'm at the beach!

Here's to a grand first month of Summer and turning 35!



my verse or good words for the month is a quote by joyce meyer. as i was filling out my Powersheets, God put on my heart to look for a quote about grace. i googled "verses about grace" and came across many i was familiar with, but none seemed to fit the definition that was on my heart. so i googled "quotes about grace." i read through a lot - quotes from beth moore, charles spurgeon, and other Bible scholars. then i read one by joyce meyer and it was exactly what i was feeling and wanting to convey about the word. the quote is this, "we are saved by grace - God's undeserved favor - and we live by grace, which is also God's POWER in our lives to do what we could never do in our own strength." that last part, that's what i had been looking for. the saved by grace part, i understand. i know Jesus. i know that only by His sacrifice am i able to stand. i know that it is by grace through which i am saved. but what i couldn't verbalize is the active grace that God grants us through our salvation. His POWER to do what we could never do alone. it's the power we see in a mother who has lost her child. in a husband whose wife has walked away from their marriage. the ability of those people to stand up, to praise Him still, to know He brings beauty from ashes. that's the active grace He gives. 

by coincidence - actually, not, i don't believe in those - by God-wink, this quote and understanding would become very real to me and my family on Resurrection Sunday 2017. After a sweet morning at our new church with my parents and inlaws and lunch at my sis-in-love's parents' home, we headed back to our house/my parents to make dinner for hunter, anna, lisa, chris, chris's parents, and miller. just as we were about to sit down, adam flagged me down and asked me into the mud room. he told me his dad had just called and gregory had had an accident. he'd fallen off his porch. that's all we knew. adam was shaken and angry that he didn't know more, so i called rusty back and tried to get more info. we learned that gregory was awake, coherent and could move his fingers and toes - all MAJOR blessings. EMS was there and an ambulance was on the way. we decided to head out there not knowing what else to do. when we arrived, rusty had easton and ashley was in the ambulance with gregory. i took easton and tried to calm him down talking about the big truck and lights and assuing him "dada" was ok. sweet little man was so concerned. ashley came out and told us they were taking him to vandy because of the height of the fall. it was decided that rusty and adam would go to the hospital and karen would take easton home with her. it ended up that adam drove ashley's car to the hospital and i took easton and karen home. thankfully, we learned in the next several hours that gregory wouldn't have to have surgery and he would be able to come home with 2 broken ribs and 7 fractured cervical vertebra. it could have been so much worse.

but where does the quote come in? well, 2 ways. one, for the next 2 months adam and tim are on their own as far as SSL is concerned. they've got another guy who will help out here and there, but mostly it's just them. it's going to be hard. adam is having to turn over some of the business things to gregory and take on some of the day-to-day things gregory does. gregory is learning how to accept help and be grateful in the place he is. ashley and i are both adjusting to new normals with our husbands. her, with a sick husband who is frustrated and hurting and me with one who i see for about an hour a day. it's hard. so much grace - power - to do what we must but cannot do alone is needed. for all of us.

the second way is the sweetest of all. ashley is 17 weeks pregnant with a baby girl. up until last week, baby girl was nameless. after gregory's accident, ashley said it became all too clear what her name is - it's Grace. a name ashley has loved forever and had already suggested, but knew without a doubt, after the accident thatthis was baby girl's name. a name the reflects something that we are given freely and do not deserve. a reminder of the miracle of her daddy's accident.

grace rosemary delk will be here in late september. around her big cousin's first birthday.

April Goals, March recap

i know April is almost over, but i want to be back here. in this place. writing, remembering, learning, listening. so, even though the month is almost at an end, and even though being here isn't even one of my goals for the month, i'm going to post my April goals. this will be followed quite quickly by my May goals :). like, Lord willing, this weekend quickly. we shall see. but for now, here is April. (if you don't know, I use Cultivate What Matters Powersheets for my goal setting and i LOVE them)

but first, let's recap March:

March Verse/Words - "That you will call on Me and come and pray to Me and I will listen to you. You will seek Me and find Me, when you seek Me with all of your heart" Jeremiah 29:12

Monthly March Goals

  1.  Plan a year end/ year ahead date with Adam. - this didn't happen. life is hard. our anniversary is in April so we pushed it off until then.
  2. Complete 5 pages of Charlotte's baby book - YES! Done.
  3. Read good words - kind of like writing, this has been hard. it's still on the April goals
  4. Pray for N to see you - Prayed and a continued prayer
  5. Meal plan and prep - Done, 3 out of 4 weeks
  6. Pray for L and send her something - Prayed for her, but saving sending something for graduation in May
  7. Pray intentionally over Prayer Journal - work in progress
  8. Activity 2x/week - nope, this is another life is hard. but this is doable.
  9. 5000 steps - yes
  10. Pray over Charlotte at feedings - yes

so onto April:

April Verse/Words: "We are saved by grace - God's undeserved favor - and we live by grace, which is also God's POWER in our lives to do what we could never do in our own strength." (God knew how much I'd need these words after Resurrection Sunday night)

Monthly April Goals

  1. plan and celebrate our 2nd anniversary
  2. read good words
  3. meal plan and prep/pack lunches 3x/week
  4. honor my body (that is not my own and was bought with a price)
  5. speak to Adam's love language
  6. print out pics for Charlotte's Baby Book
  7. choose doors and windows for the house
  8. pray intentionally with prayer journal and when prompted by Breathe app
  9. read, sing, and pray with Charlotte
  10. honor the Sabbath and rest and create a restful space for Adam
  11. do chores and tasks with a cheerful heart

May is just around the corner. my baby is 7 months old. i've been married for 2 years. our house has a foundation, crawl space, and one wall (as of earlier today). life is good. hard, but good. marriage is refining. hard, but beautiful. God is so good.

the time at christmas 2016, part 2

christmas eve brought charlotte's 3 month birthday. it is also the day we celebrate christmas with the delks. we had decided to go to church at grace chapel at 4 and because it was later this year, we decided to eat our big meal for lunch. we planned on getting to the delks around 12 and eating at 1, resting a bit and heading to church around 315 to make sure we got a seat.

before we left, we took charlotte's 3 month pictures by the christmas tree. it's crazy that she is already three months! comparing her 2nd and 3rd month pics aren't too different (unlike her 1 to 2 month) but her legs are so much longer! she was a trooper even though she was tired. once we got her into her "best gift ever" outfit we headed to the delks. she fell asleep in the car and slept through lunch and almost all of church. 

once we arrived at the delks, we visited and waited on ashley, gregory and easton to arrive. they were about 30 minutes late because of easton’s nap. we sat down to lunch just before one and enjoyed karen’s wonderful meal of prime rib, mac and cheese, and grandma charlotte’s broccoli casserole. we had pumpkin tiramisu for dessert. after lunch we rested and watched the titans lose to jacksonville. we headed to church and found a row in the back with two seats behind that fit us and my parents perfectly. the service was nice and we saw a few people we knew and hadn’t seen in a while. 

after church we headed back to the delks to open presents. charlotte got several outfits from her nana and pops and they are starting her a college savings account! adam got an RTIC soft side camo cooler and money and i got a pedicure, money, a “D” candle holder and candle, and an essential oil and diffuser tiles. easton and his parents got her an outfit and 2 great toys. 

we also open our traditional christmas eve gifts at their house. this year i got us matching PJs and a trivial pursuit 2000s game. 

we left the delks earlier than planned because easton was ready for bed. 

we went back to my parents for bed. charlotte slept great and we were rested and up around 730. before hunter came over, charlotte got her first gift from my parents - a seat that has a frog on it that allows her to sit up and see what’s going on. once hunter got there and mom and dad finished their last minute santa-clausing, we went to open gifts. after we finished the gifts (and after an epic blowout that equaled a bath for both Charlotte and me), we ate breakfast. it was supposed to be a simple breakfast casserole that i'd already made and fruit - but something went wrong and it was quite soupy. so eggs, frozen biscuits, venison, apples and fruit it was. still perfect. once we finished eating, we cleaned up and straightened up and took turns getting ready and caring for charlotte. hunter and anna and dana and warren arrived and we sat down to dinner. mom and i had cooked everything other than the meat - which hunter did when we got to the house.  we had beef tenderloin, dressing, green beans, squash casserole, apples, mashed potatoes, and rolls. mom didn't have her glasses on when she put the rolls in and accidentally put the pigs in a blanket ones in! dessert was pecan pie.

charlotte got her first american girl doll - the doll of the year- lea, from santa as well as an outfit. she got money from her uncle hunter. nee-nee and granddaddy got her a bunch of toys, her first teapot (an elephant), her first music box, a wooden saying, the sloth that goes with her american girl doll, and a few outfits.

adam got cowboy boots, money, heated insoles, heated socks, knives, pj pants, hand warmers, a underarmor head cover for hunting, chocolate covered blueberries, subway gift card, a smokey mountain tee shirt, tackle box, and wooden sign. 

he and i didn’t really do gifts since we are building the house.  

i got money, a blessed mother trinket, socks, new balances, nutcracker, makeup, a coat, boots, grace upon grace tee shirt, smokey mountain tee shirt, tory burch flats and wedges, and leggings. adam surprised me and got me a gift card to woodhouse, which was so sweet, since like i said we weren’t doing gifts! 

the coolest thing - other than it being charlotte’s first one - was the money we received. adam and i decided to give a certain amount in year end giving. we did. christmas morning when we counted what we’d received we were shocked to see it was 10% more that what we’d given away. God is so good and we are so blessed. 

overall, it was a precious first christmas with our sweet girl.

the time at Christmas 2016, part 1

in 2014, my mom gave adam and me a "Christmas Memories" book. she said she always wished she'd recorded what everyone received each Christmas and what we did and where we went, etc. so she got us a book to do just that. when we packed up our house (me at 9 months pregnant), i was certain i knew where i packed the book. well, i was wrong. so i'm going to record it here so that i can transfer it later. 

charlotte's first Christmas was so wonderful.

we started our celebration of the season in kentucky with adam's grandparents/charlotte's great grandparents. every year, adam's mom's side of the family has a big family christmas the saturday before christmas at granny and pa's house. we decided to skip this year because we weren't comfortable taking charlotte in the middle of cold and flu season. however, we wanted charlotte to meet her great grandparents and so we planned a special day trip to go see them with nana, pops, gregory, ashley and easton. we headed out the door at 715. i was so impressed that we were early! granted, we started the getting ready process at 5am! our first stop was nana and pops's house to pick up a grandparent - we got pops. then we hit the road, with a slight detour to costco to get gas (daddy's favorite place). we drove about an hour and a half to bowling green (about 1/2 way to louisville) and stopped at cracker barrel for breakfast with gregory, ashley, easton, and nana. apparently, a lot of people had the same idea and we had to wait an hour - but that meant we scored a precious winter hat courtesy of nana and pops. after we ate, we jumped back on the road. charlotte did amazing and basically slept both stretches.  

once we arrived in mt. washington, we went to martha and kenneth alcorn's home. they were friends of nana and pops's from when they lived in louisville after they married. they also helped take care of gregory when he was a baby. we stayed there for about an hour. the kids were precious. charlotte laid on the floor and stretched and cooed to everyone and easton performed running around and trying to figure out why charlotte wouldn't get up and play with him.

after we left the alcorn's home, we headed to granny and pa's house. cousin megan was there and was a big help with easton. charlotte was sweet and slept on her granny and her cousin denise and her great aunt regina. we spent about 3 hours with them and it was a wonderful afternoon. i'm so glad charlotte was able to meet her great grandparents! we loaded the cars back up about 530 and decided to eat in town before we left. we went to a local pizza place called bearno's. it's a "famous" louisville spot and has a distinct type of pizza - thin crust with the toppings piled on - like an inch high. miss charlotte had quite the blowout in her aunt ashley's lap. thankfully, my mom had told me to take a ziplock baggie in the event of a blowout and it came in handy. a few dozen wipes later, she was cleaned up and changed and dinner had come. we ate and hit the road and got back home around 930. it was a great day! 

Our next Christmas celebration was to attend the Amy Grant/Vince Gill Christmas show. This is something my family has done nearly every year since they started it. When Adam and I got engaged we included his parents in the tradition. this year the delks invited 2 of their closest friends to join us. harvey and billie and morry and kathy. we rounded out the table with my parents and sarah and john walsh. gregory decided to go hunting and ashley was unable to come because her parents, who were going to keep easton, had pink eye. we ate dinner at maggiano's and then went to the factory. jean and kevan and avery kept charlotte and they all had a blast. 

the following saturday, we met ashley and easton at chick-fil-a for breakfast before going to third coast clay and the factory to make a gift for karen. ashley had the super creative idea to use the kids feet as snow men and to write "as long you love me so, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" on a platter. the kids actually did a great and adam was a huge help walking around with easton and charlotte when they needed a break. we also made an ornament of charlotte's footprint - it's unclear who maintains possession of that - us or nee-nee and granddaddy. after we got done with the platter, ashley took some sweet pics of the kids together. we did them in regular clothes so they'd be good to show off year round.

on december 16, i went back to work for a meeting. i wasn't technically back until the 23rd, but this meeting was a good chance to take charlotte to meet some of my hickman county friends and colleagues. charlotte did great on the drive down and slept through most of the meeting. once she woke up she took her bottle and sat quietly and just looked around. other than a little spit up, she was great. after the meeting we went to my office and she met the clerks and a few other people.

saturday, december 17, we celebrated the yates family thanksmas at carrie and jason's house in eagleville. all of eddie's family and ours were able to be there, although hunter left before dirty santa. aunt carol and carrie's girls were pretty smitten with charlotte right off. ryan and vann had been sick with colds so jenny had threatened them with their lives if they touched her. but ryan's first words to me were, "i came to see the baby." so cute. she was really precious the whole night. ryan that is - well, charlotte too, actually all of the kids did great. jason smoked a turkey and pork shoulder and we had the usual christmas/thanksgiving fixings. after supper, we played our annual dirty santa with carrie and jason winning the most original gift with a 8x10 canvas of seth holding their white kitties by his face. the best part being, seth picked the gift on his turn not knowing what was inside. 

the next night was the candlelight service at our church, ethos. we ate dinner at kona with hunter and then my parents joined us for church. 

the week before christmas was relatively calm. i had gotten all of my shopping done in advance (thanks to amazon and cyber monday) and since i was still off work charlotte and i were able to visit with some friends and not get too stressed. she joined me at my office christmas party, and official first day back at work, on the 23rd. she, once again, did great. she got a little fussy but once she wasn't being passed around she was all good and even fell asleep in my lap during dirty santa. 

charlotte turns 3 months, christmas eve, and christmas day to follow!  


the times i keep avoiding

i don't know why. it doesn't make sense. i love to write. i have time to write. but i don't. i wait. i write posts in my head. i hide others in my heart. but i can't seem to get them here. this pregnancy is something i want to document. i want this sweet baby (14 weeks, yesterday!) to be able to look back on this and know what i felt and how loved the child is at this early stage. oh well, i'm here. so let's do this.

to recap the last 6 weeks or so - we had our first official doctor's appointment on February 22. it wasn't quite what i expected, but maybe that was because we had gone in the wednesday before for an ultrasound because i had a teeny-tiny bit of spotting and panicked. that ultrasound was SO cool. it was just in the ultrasound room with the tech but they have a 32" TV on the wall so you can really see everything. we saw the precious little flutter of a heartbeat - 158 bpm - and the little gummy bear. she printed out a 6 pictures for us. it was pretty amazing. everything looked great so we didn't even have to see the doctor that day. i went back alone on the 22nd since Adam was working and saw the doc for the first time. my OB is the same doc i've seen since i was 16 for GYN stuff, so it's pretty cool to see that come full circle. anyway, we went over the basics and then she did an in room ultrasound. this machine wasn't nearly as clear as the one from the week before, but i could still see little gummy's heart fluttering away and was able to hear it via the internal ultrasound. we go today at 3 to hear the heartbeat externally and i hope another ultrasound.

march 6-11 we went with my family to key west for our first family vacation since the summer after i graduated high school (so 16 years!). we stayed at jimmy buffett's first home down there. it was a bit cheesey with all the buffett stuff, but still cool to say i slept in the same house that buffett has. the weather was gorgeous. a bit windy, so we were unable to do any excursions, but perfect for laying by the canal and reading. everyone enjoyed the food as well. (other than me since i don't like seafood). it was a nice trip.

once we got home and back in the swing of things, we hosted our families for Easter brunch. this turned out great as well! adam doesn't love when we host parties because it means a to-do list for him, but it all turned out great and we had a blast.

pregnancy symptom-wise, i have been so BLESSED. no nausea unless i go too long without eating. the worst complaint i have was sheer exhaustion for the first 10 weeks or so and indigestion. now into my second trimester, swelling of my feet is getting worse, but the indigestion has gotten better. overall, i've been so lucky! we cannot wait to learn the gender of this little one and start calling him or her by name! not too much longer for that!

the time i saw the line...

it happened at 230 on saturday morning, january 30th. the hubs and i had gone to a "quitter" party the night before in honor of ashley (she left AVA) and once home, he'd fallen asleep in his chair and me in bed with the dogs. when he woke up to come to bed at 230, everyone stirred. me, the girls, and him. since i was awake, i figured i might as well get up and use the restroom. then it hit me. the first "go" of the morning is the best to test for pregnancy because of the concentration of hormones. i'd already decided i was going to take a test on saturday morning - my period was due to start the next day - so i grabbed a test from under the sink and took it. i didn't really expect anything. i set it aside while it processed and let remy out and back in and then went back to check it. there was a line. in the test window, not just the control window. i thought i knew what it meant, but i had to grab the box to double check. i stared at the line, at the box, at the line again. omg, i'm pregnant. i ran into our bedroom and turned on the light. the hubs had just gotten settled in and irritably said, "what's wrong?" "we're pregnant" was my shouted, smile filled response. he said "what?!?! let me see." and i shoved the test in his hand. then he told me it was really faint and to take another in the morning. so i went and got the box again and brought it into our room and made him compare it. and read it. and confirm that any line, even faint, is a positive result. we both just laughed. and thanked God and laid back down in bed in shock. good shock, but shock. when we awoke for real a few hours later, i took another test. yep, still preggo. we texted his brother and sister-in-law and told them and planned how and when we'd tell his parents. after walking to breakfast in franklin, i took another test. yep, still preggo! then we started trying to decide how to tell my parents and came up with a very red-neck idea. once we had that settled, we went to my parents and gave them their gifts. they were excited to say the least. we told his parents the next night. we are so excited. we head to the doctor on the 22nd to see our little miracle for the very first time.

the time i said ok

i'm here. i'm writing. i'm excited. this is my space. my new space. to better share my new heart. this space is a chance for me to dig into who i am, who i want to be, and who the world thinks i am. i've blogged a few other times before, but not with any real purpose. this time feels different. it feels like i have a purpose. it feels like i can finally tell my story and maybe it helps someone else. i'm going to try to import my previous posts (but given my pitiful computer/web skills who knows how that will work) and start fresh at the same time.

so some background. why the name, it's just kate? well, it seemed to say a lot in a few short words and i love that. i like the simplicity of it. and well, it's my name, so there's that. my name is just kate. kate isn't short for kathryn or katelyn, or kathleen or anything else. i'm just kate. in the simplest terms, i am a child of the King of kings, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a prosecutor, a person. i've been shattered to a million pieces and put back together by the only true Artist there is and i am changed because of it. and i can't stay quiet anymore. i can't help but scream to everyone about how good and big God is. He is amazing. His love is incredible. I hope through saying "ok" to this urge, to this challenge that God's glory is seen.

Welcome to the best ride around, this life.